Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 reason why I'm upgrading from Nikon D40 to D90

Finally after 8000 shots with the D40 I've ordered the D90 on Amazon. (Oddly enough it's cheaper new then used on e-bay or criagslist, since those prices doesn't reflect the official 900->800 price drop).

Ken Rockwell the apostle of the D40 religion swears you don't need better camera than the D40 but when you read his blog it's better to keep in mind his intent (target large audience and save them money buy offering cheaper options so they will donate money for him) and with some of his advice you can loose money long term as you progress on your photography skills.

Anyway here is my list of reasons without order:
  • 3" display: less zooming in to make sure the shot was actually sharp
  • 11 focus point compare to 3, the 3 focus point started to annoy me a lot, sure I can crop but why not get it right in the camera
  • better ISO quality: on the D40 if I want clear images the only option is ISO 200 which means a lots of tripod usage
  • autofocus in the camera body: this means I can get autofocus on cheap but good quality lenses e.g. 50 mm 1.8D
  • auto bracketing: I like to create some HDR images sometimes and bracketing on D40 is just nuts (and I don't want to carry a laptop just for this)
  • remote flash control built in: I can use my SB-600 flash off the camera without dealing with remote wireless gadgets e.g. Cybersync and all the extra cable and converter for it
  • faster frame rate: 2.5 fps -> 4.5 fps for the few action I shoot
  • live view: live will help me in the "big" composition part, so I don't have to jump around on the scene with constantly holding my eyes on the viewfinder
  • all the other goodies what the almost 2 years technology improvement brings (D40 12/06 -> D90 09/08)
What's not in the reason but certainly welcomed is the 6MP->12MP pixel jump, which will be handy during cropping.

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